Production and Finishing

Efficient production begins with a solid background of knowledge, as well as years of experience. Which has taught us very effective ways to build quality architectural components.


Our ongoing investments in software and machinery enable us to be extremely responsive to project needs and demands. Our streamlined production is a direct result of our LEAN manufacturing process and a dedicated crew who understands top quality and tight deadlines. Furthermore, IWS uses state-of-the-art processes to ensure the client is receiving fabricated components compliance with exacting specifications.

Experience and Humility

We couple strong fabrication expertise with engaging people that know how to listen. We hold a cultural belief that good ideas can and do come from anywhere. We look to our team, our industry partners, and clients as rich sources of inspiration. We strive to avoid pre-conceptions, rather, considering new ideas. Through the perspectives of others, and within our experience, this helps our clients arrive at inspiring results, creating a unique expression of their mission, values, and vision for their projects.

High Performance

As a national leader in complex fabricated architectural features, we are passionate about the positive impact that design can bring to our clints. Whether pursuing AQI or LEED certified projects, or just doing the right thing, our design teams and craftsman fuse beauty with the science of building performance to create innovative, thought-leading projects at all levels.